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Egg Tempera

So, the Artist I chose was  Sandro Botticelli. He was an Italian Painter from Florence. The art piece  below is called The Discovery of the Murder of Holofernes, completed in 1472. It is an egg tempera painting done on wood.

I like how dramatic the piece is (even the horses look sad).  I also like how the men around the body are much darker in comparison, drawing more attention to the victim. For a murder scene, it’s pretty…pretty.  (J.McCann)


The beginning of something special

Hi, I’m Melanie Brownfield and this blog is really going to be interesting for me. It is actually my second time around, as I received a D last time. Anyway, so far this class is not completely putting me to sleep; and that is grounds for excellence as far as i’m concerned. I really enjoy listening about the dark ages and understanding how the church and King used art to influence and control the masses. Not only to influence their thoughts and beliefs about God, but also to justify the class system. I wonder if the artists knew what was happening or where they just as oblivious to the power they were giving to the King and Church?

Hello world!

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