Whats most funny about this blog post is the fact that I had to look up the word ‘contemporary’ in the dictionary. I have gone through life reading this word on numerous publishes and artwork, but never really knew what it meant. Well, passing the knowledge on, it means “of the same era”.
The non western artist that I am blogging about is Senegalese, Fode Camara from the 1980’s and early 90’s. During this time, his work had been whispered throughout Europe and Africa, however in 2001, he was first featured in a American art gallery in New York. The first painting that you see is called, “Ya Bon #IV”. It is a beautiful and bold acrylic on canvas painting. Its vivid reds, oranges, and yellow remind me of fire. The man in the picture is a rather robust man who is definitely large and powerful. He wears a seemingly fashionable hat and devilish smile. Maybe the smile seems devilish because of the hot colors Camara used as well as the shadows created in the face of the man.
The second painting of Camara shown in the blog is called, “Witnesses Passing in Turn”. This painting is also acrylic on canvas, and also continues to follow the artist’s abstract expressionistic style. This is my favorite painting of Camara because it is so mysterious. He continues to use his bold and rich colors to make a statement, but what statement? The canvas is divided into three sections. The five hands or maybe witnesses are spread over two of the three sections. These hands are also lined up against a white background. The most interesting hand is off on his own, surrounded by the color red. Has he committed some kind of crime? I also wonder what the black section of the painting represent.
Camara is a great thinker and abstract painter. I hope to see more of his work in the next century.