This is a very interesting topic. I’m trying to figure out how to start my comment. Okay, well. Here goes. Art has been influenced by politics for as long as politics has been in existence. I can make an educated guess and say that Art came before politics. Therefore, the knowledge of how Art generates emotions in humans; and how emotions can influence human decisions, was well known when politicians and even religious heads began to use it for themselves.  Art is funny that way. It can represent pure innocent yet confused inner feelings of an artist or it can represent the premeditated skill used by the unseen to persuade a naive passersby. It is a fact that many countries have paid their home artists with if not monetary wealth, indeed fame and prestige, in order to persuade them to represent an idea or thought  of their liking. This is very personal to me because it reminds me of the musical struggles that I face. There is an unseen hand that wants me to write songs that are not only vulgar in nature but evokes negative emotions and chaos. In exchange for these type of songs, I have promises of great wealth and such. To be an artist in that position is what creates suicides and inner turmoil. Thats what I have to say about that.